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We believe that sustainability in design is the answer, timeless style will always trump new trends, and that quality really does matter. 


Scarpe is a Men's, Women's, and Children's boutique in Telluride, Colorado. Housing an impeccably curated collection of items ranging from handcrafted Parisian toys, to delicious cashmere sweaters, ensures that everyone will find something unique that they love. 

The ever-growing boutique opened it's doors in 1995. Gaining clients from around the world in years since, Scarpe launched shopscarpe.com in 2007 for those loyal followers unable to frequently venture to Telluride to the boutique.

Selling just-in merchandise out of the box is not uncommon for this boutique. Unable to keep up with the demand, and selling out of merchandise before it can get on shopscarpe.com, Jenny (owner) developed a try before you buy program called Out Of The Box. Sending boxes of clothing for occasions, or entire wardrobes straight to your door. If you are interested in items that are boutique exclusive, not online, or would like to participate in Out Of The Box please call us at 970.728.1513.

Scarpe is now excited to share their children's assortment online!

We are open year round, with varying hours that correlate to Telluride's seasonality.  Our current hours are Monday- Sunday 10am-7pm.

Located on Pacific & Willow, right next to the Post Office and park enterance.