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Accessories are just as important as any other category of fashion. How boring would life be without our favorite scarf, hat, or belt? Sometimes an ordinary outfit consisting of just jeans and a t-shirt can be instantly transformed into a high fashion look with the addition of a few or even just one stylish accessory.

So what can you expect at ShopScarpe’s accessories page? Get a preview of some of our subcategories below including the best hats, scarves, and designer belts for women in Telluride:


At ShopScarpe, we know that belts are more than simply a functional accessory. There are so many different styles of belts that can be worn for function or just for fun! At ShopScarpe, we have a great collection of designer belts for women in Telluride and beyond. From standard belts with details that will add flair to your favorite pair of pants or jeans, to stylish skinny belts that you can wear traditionally or around the waist of a dress or tunic!


Designer belts for women in Telluride aren’t the only fashion accents ShopScarpe offers. Like most accessories, hats are just as functional as they are fashionable. At ShopScarpe, we handpick the best high end hats we can find that we know our shoppers will love.

Scarves / Wraps

If you’re looking for designer scarves in Telluride, Colorado or online, ShopScarpe has the finest, scarves you’ll find. Scarves are a perfect way to add fun patterns and prints to your wardrobe. Many of our designer scarves can be worn around the neck, as a wrap, or any number of other creative ways! Before you leave the house, throw on one of our beautiful scarves for some easy last minute fashion.


You can find ordinary jewelry just about anywhere. But if you want high quality, fabulous jewelry, ShopScarpe has a collection you will love. We take the time to pick out only the best high end pieces that will become your favorite go-to items. From tribal cuff bracelets to statement making necklaces, your new ShopScarpe pick will become the best way to add a little fabulous to your look.

Other Items

Specializing in designer scarves in Telluride, Colorado as well as designer belts for women in Telluride isn’t the only thing we have going for us. ShopScarpe has a variety of fun and useful accessories that you won’t find anywhere else. Smartphones have become an essential part of our everyday lives. So why not make them as fashionable as you are with our collection of stylish phone cases? Our accessories page also includes our collection of hosiery, wallets, and, of course, our hats, scarves, and belts.

Browse ShopScarpe’s collection of high end, high quality accessories to add style and fun to your everyday looks!