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Angel Dear (Fun Bath)

You want your child’s first months on this earth to be happy and comfortable. That’s why we love Angel Dear clothing. Angel Dear baby clothes are designed for your infant’s comfort with timeless style. This will prevent those baby pictures from becoming embarassing down the line!

Wrap Your Baby Up in the Warmth of Angel Dear

Angel Dear baby clothing possesses a warm aesthetic that celebrates the joy of early childhood with looks that are sophisticated but not too serious. The San Francisco-based brand focuses on creating pieces that are designed for a baby’s comfort above all else, luxurious and exceptionally soft. Angel Dear clothes are made from organic fibers whenever possible.

Timeless Looks that Can Be Passed Down Through Generations

Babies inevitably grow out of their clothes long before the clothes themselves are ready for retirement. That’s why Angel Dear clothing focuses on classic design that will endure through the years. With their high quality construction and timeless look, these beautiful pieces can be handed down through generations as a family keepsake.

New parents want to give their children the best, and baby clothes from Angel Dear (or any of the other carefully curated brands and designers at ShopScarpe) are the perfect way to make those early months truly special. Shop our wide array of baby clothing and products today to treat the precious infant in your life.