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It’s not hard to find high end handbags in Telluride, CO when you have Scarpe at the helm! And with our vast online inventory on ShopScarpe.com, anyone can have access to our high quality selection. Whether you are in need of a new clutch or shoulder bag or want to add a crossbody or tote bag to your collection, ShopScarpe has the bags you’re looking for.

What can you expect to find on our Bags page? Read on to find out what kinds of luxury handbags in Telluride are available online at ShopScarpe!

Clutches & Wallets

Sometimes you just need something small to carry a few things around with you. Whether you’re a naturally light packer or want to have something small for nights out or a quick shopping trip, ShopScarpe has a multitude of fabulous designer clutches to choose from. Many of our clutches feature a wristlet strap making it easy to carry with you. We also have a variety of wallets that you can either throw in a larger purse or use on its own as a clutch. Also included in this category of small luxury handbags in Telluride are pouches which can be used as small purses or to hold personal care items.


The hands free crossbody bag may very well be one of the best fashion inventions of our time. Large, small, and in between, these useful purses allow us to live our lives without worrying about the bag we’re carrying around. At ShopScarpe you will find the best variety of crossbody luxury handbags in Telluride, from the basic, small, and simple, to the large, slouchy, and convertible. You may also find a few satchel or even backpack style hands free handbags here!

Totes & Shoulder Bags

Perhaps the most common style of high end handbags in Telluride, CO, and just about everywhere, are shoulder bags. When you think of a purse, this is the traditional style that comes to mind. However, shoulder bags themselves can come in quite a wide array of styles. At ShopScarpe you’ll find everything from clean and polished to slouchy hobos. Plus, our collection of tote bags are a far cry from the old school beige canvas totes you used to know. Here you’ll find playful prints, unique shapes, and more!

Other Items

By now you know that ShopScarpe is your go-to supplier of luxury handbags in Telluride. Our bags page features even more options than the ones listed above. Looking for a large carryall for a quick getaway? Browse our collection of weekender bags. Or if you are new mom in need of a stylish diaper bag, we have those too! With all these options, you are sure to have the best luxury handbags in Telluride, CO or wherever you may hail from!

Now is the time—add a new bag to your collection with the variety of clutches, shoulder bags, and more from ShopScarpe!