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ShopScarpe is your destination for quality beauty products in Telluride. Whether you are looking for high end makeup, pleasant fragrances, or luxurious bath and personal care products, we have it all. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we believe that using the best beauty products will help your inner beauty shine through like never before!

Pamper yourself with all of the luxury beauty products in Telluride, Colorado that ShopScarpe has to offer.


Being a girl is so much fun. You get to wear fabulous clothes, wear fun hairdos, and change up your look simply by playing with makeup. From bright shades of lipstick and eyeliner to essential foundations and concealers, ShopScarpe has some of the best beauty products in Telluride and online. Whether you like to keep it simple with the basics or enjoy playing with fun colors and contouring, we have everything you need to create a high quality makeup collection!


Selling beauty products in Telluride also means we must sell the essential beauty accessories. From cosmetic makeup bags to brow and liner pencil sharpeners to quality brushes, ShopScarpe has just what you need. Adding such items from the top brands will help take your personal beauty collection to the next level. These superior products last longer and withstand more than average bargain brands.


Although fragrances can’t be seen, they are just as much a part of beauty as any other product category. Our collection of beauty products in Telluride and online at ShopScarpe.com also features premiere perfumes. If you can’t make it to our store, we try and provide the most helpful written descriptions on our website to describe each scent. From fruity to floral, we know there is a luxury fragrance here for you!

Bath & Personal Care

Beauty is more than what is on the outside. In order to exude beauty to others you must feel beautiful yourself! One way to do that is by pampering with high quality bath and personal care items. Take a luxurious bubble bath, surround yourself with heavenly aromas, experience the softest skin imaginable, and take care of any rough spots or imperfections. You will love the way you feel after using our bath and personal care products. Use them every day as a part of your beauty regimen or plan a regular spa day for yourself or you and your girlfriends!


Providing luxury beauty products in Telluride, Colorado means that we only sell high quality products from the best brands. These aren’t your everyday pharmacy beauty brands. One of our makeup favorites is Susan Posnick Cosmetics. These beauty items include lipstick, eyeliner, mineral foundation and more. Tokyo Milk has some of our favorite fragrances and we love pampering with Lollia’s bath and personal care products. You can be assured that the beauty brands sold at ShopScarpe are the best of the best.

For the finest luxury beauty products in Telluride, Colorado and online visit ShopScarpe.com today!