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We want our children’s lives to be beautiful from day one, so we strive to surround our children with entertainment that lets imagination reign supreme. Exchanging a playtime filled with screen after screen for one that sparks creativity is one of the most important gifts we can give. For infants and young children, blabla hand knitted dolls are a perfect way to inspire your child with toys that he or she will love.

Inspired, Artisanal Hand-Knit Toys on a Mission

Blabla’s story began when Susan Pritchett and Florence Wetterwald, two friends on a trip to Peru, encountered villages full of expert knitters. These artisan knitters had been working generation after generation to keep the knitting tradition alive. The meeting led to an entire line of children’s products created as a collaboration with these knitting experts. Blabla’s sweet, soft, and whimsical products strive to bring joy and laughter to children everywhere. Plus, blabla baby toys and children’s dolls are made with a commitment to fair trade and protecting the environment.

Developmentally Appropriate Fun for Your Child’s Early Years

Blabla has hand knit toys that suit any young child’s developmental stage. Infants will delight in shaking a blabla rattle or watching a blabla baby mobile from their cribs. Toddlers will love to cuddle and play with any of their adorable, large hand knit doll styles.

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