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Reading to your kids is an important way to help develop their literacy and language skills; it’s also is just downright fun. Catch a case of the giggles, learn something new, or choose your own adventure with our fun books for kids. Get ready to be a superstar at storytime.

Whether your child is still in the crib or old enough to read along with you, the best little kid books offer a chance for family bonding. Curl up in that rocking chair or lay down in bed with your little one as the two of you embark on a story that can take you far far away. Introduce your child to their imagination as these books bring flights of fancy and worlds you create between the two of you. Don’t be surprised if your child demands another story before going to bed.

Our children’s books are educational, fantastical, and downright silly. Fear the tickle monster and meet the dancing boogie man in a tactile reading experience. Enter a surreal underwater world designed and built by an artist. Watch your pets come alive in 3-D glory. No matter what the story, these fun books for kids will engage their minds and their imagination.

These are books that will demand to be read over and over again. Storytime will be your child’s favorite time.