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Looking for a unique shoe option to add to your collection? Do you love boots but want something a little different? Try a fashionable pair of high end booties! Booties come in a variety of styles and can be worn with any kind of outfit. Learn more about ShopScarpe’s collection of women’s leather booties in Telluride

Open Toe

Open toe booties offer a different look than the traditional bootie. A cross between boots and open toe heels, this style of bootie can work all year round. Wear them with a mini skirt or dress to show off your legs and add a cardigan or jacket to balance everything out!

Heel Size

Our designer booties in Telluride, Colorado, much like traditional boots, can come in varying heel sizes. Flat booties are perfect for casual fall or winter looks. They are comfortable and versatile. Go classic with a pair of jeans and a button up or mix up your look with a ruffled dress. Mid size heels take your booties up a notch while still keeping comfortable. Perfect for work, booties with a mid size heel look great with tights and dress pants. Finally, high heeled booties are ideal for dressier looks or to dress up a casual outfit. Plus, these women’s 

Winter Booties

Furry, fuzzy, and warm: three words that describe our cold weather, winter booties! Forget the frumpy thoughts that come to mind when you think of winter boots. ShopScarpe’s winter booties come in a variety of styles ranging from comfortable and plush to fashionable heeled clogs.


At ShopScarpe, we pride ourselves in offering only the highest quality fashion items and our collection of designer booties in Telluride, Colorado is no exception. Our high end booties are made from some of the top shoe designers including Gidigio, Alberto Fermani, Cordani, MOU, H by Hudson, and many more!


Heeled booties are great, but we love wedges just as much! Wedges look great with outfits of all types from casual to formal and everything in between. They also come in a variety of styles, from lace up platforms to suede ankle booties.

Colors & Materials

Once you decide on the general style of the women’s leather booties in Telluride you are looking for, it is important to consider the color of the booties and what materials they are made out of. ShopScarpe’s booties are available in many classic, natural colors including browns, blacks, greys, tans, and more. Material is also key, and our booties are made out of the best, most durable materials. Choose from leather, suede, canvas, or even fur.