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Chemises / Slips

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ShopScarpe’s collection of women’s clothing includes just about every area of fashion. From casual wear to work attire, jeans, shoes and more, we have it all. Our styles include undergarments and sleepwear, as well as outergarments and every day looks. One item in particular can be used as both an undergarment as well as sleepwear and is a very useful, traditional piece. Chemises and slips cover both of these areas and can be a great addition to any wardrobe.

Our women’s chemises and slips offer coverage and comfort under skirts or dresses especially when it comes to more formal wear. Chemises can also double as a pretty, light, and flowy nightgown.


A chemise is a beautifully versatile piece of clothing. ShopScarpe’s collection of women’s chemises in Telluride, Colorado range from the most practical to the very flirty. Chemises can be functional clothing pieces, great for layering under other clothing items. They can also be worn alone as evening wear meant for sleeping or for looking your sexiest.

Chemise Styles

Our chemises come in many different styles, including fabrics, designs, colors, and more. Choose from soft jersey, luxurious silk, floral designs, lace numbers, to name a few. Our variety of styles help to create unique looks either layered under other pieces or by themselves.


Not only do we carry a variety of women’s chemises in Telluride, Colorado, but we also offer slips as well. A slip can be a great way to keep you feeling comfortable and put together. Layer them underneath your outfit whether you’re wearing a skirt suit for work or a cocktail dress for a date. Slips are particularly useful when wearing fabrics that are rough on the skin. There are different styles of slips that cater to various outfits: full slips, half slips, and camisole slips.

Full Slips

Full slips are ideal for dresses. A full slip looks similar to a very lightweight dress itself making it a perfect item for such clothing pieces. Slips are made to appear and feel like an heirloom and can even double as a transparent negligee.

Half Slips

Half slips appear to be a thin skirt, so it is fitting that these delicate items are to be worn under skirts. They can also be worn under dresses as well to create smooth lines. A half slip can help your skirt or dress hang correctly and prevent static bunching of fabric.

Camisole Slips

Much like our women’s chemises in Telluride, Colorado camisole slips are great for wearing under blouses and dresses alike. A camisole slip can prevent a barrier between your clothes and your undergarments. They are especially ideal for sheer styles that may have you showing more than you would like.