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Chronicle Books

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Style gives us a chance to express ourselves, and that doesn’t stop with the clothes we put on our backs or the shoes we put on our feet. Everything that we own and the way that we choose to spend our time expresses our style, too. At ShopScarpe, we go beyond fashion to provide our clientele with other products, such as Chronicle children’s books, which bring discerning style to the rest of our lives.

Independent Books Created to Inspire

San Francisco-based independent publisher Chronicle Books has earned a reputation as a source for innovative books that celebrate the magic of reading and challenge industry conventions. Their award-winning repertoire includes many successful children’s titles, which educate, entertain, and inspire the younger generation.

Reading is Timeless

In our technology saturated world, it’s easy to forget the simple and timeless pleasure of reading a book. It’s particularly challenging for today’s children, who have never known a life without tablets and smartphones. Help your family rediscover the joys of the printed page. At ShopScarpe, we offer a selection of Chronicle children’s books that your kids will love to share with you at bedtime or tote along to the beach on a family vacation.  

From clothing and blankets to books and toys, ShopScarpe’s treasury of kids’ products will enrich your children’s lives amidst the distractions of the modern world. If you’re hoping to distract your children from the power of the screen, shop our books and toys today to provide your children with classic fun.