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You are a refined, contemporary dresser with an eye for fashion. Why shouldn’t your children be the same? With our boutique kids’ clothing, your little tykes will be ready for their closeup whether it’s school picture day, Christmas at the in-laws’, or a Sunday playdate at the park.

We offer a wide selection of clothes for both your son and your daughter at every age. For the gents, choose from classic American silhouettes and designs, from slim fit pants to timeless sneaker socks. We have your boys covered from infancy into their toddler phase, with graphic sweatshirts, motorcycle jackets, and essential blue jeans.

Our boutique kids’ clothing is perfect for the ladies, as well.  From tomboy to rocker to girly girl, our clothes will match your little girl’s aesthetic and personality. For the burgeoning classic rock fan, choose a Grateful Dead or Tom Perry tee. Want a more feminine twist? Go pink and purple with frilly tutus and soft sweatshirts. For a more laidback look, our cargo pants and racerback tank tops are perfect.

You only want the best for your child and our boutique kids’ clothing is just that: the best. Dress your child in style from the time they’re newborns. Browse ShopScarpe for quality clothing with a sense of timelessness.