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At ShopScarpe.com, we’re a one-of-a-kind shopping destination that focuses on providing our fashion lovers worldwide with comfortable, timeless pieces that they’ll adore for years to come. From cashmere sweaters to designer shoes, there’s something for everyone at ShopScarpe, and our carefully curated collection is growing and changing with each and every day—so you’ll always find something new!

Whether you’re a shoe fanatic who is looking for a fresh, natural style to introduce to your wardrobe, or you’re simply looking for a shoe that will stand up to the test of time, you’ve come to the right place. At ShopScarpe, we carry high quality shoes that are timeless in both style and wearability. Without further ado, allow our fashion experts to introduce you to the name brand behind these exceptional shoes: Coclico.

ShopScarpe & Coclico: We’re On the Same Wavelength

Our relationship with Coclico is so strong because we think on the same wavelength. At ShopScarpe, our buyers are very observant. Not only do they have a keen eye for noticing styles that are sustainable, but they also take note of the fleeting styles. To make sure that you’ll love the new additions to your wardrobe for years to come, we steer clear of fickle fashions and stick to distinct, classy styles.

That’s where Coclico comes in.  Rather than sticking to styles that are popular now, they design shoes that will outlast the competition. They believe that pure luxury isn’t the ability for an individual to buy endlessly, but the ability for the individual to choose their purchases wisely.

A True Staple

When you buy Coclico shoes online, you’ll notice two common features at the core of each collection: clean lines and a neutral palette. Coclico shoes are crafted with natural beauty in mind, such as carved wood, cork, and leather, and rather than going over-the-top with excessive ornamentation and bold colors, our favorite designer chose instead to encapsulate the beauty of simplicity.

This subtle, classic expression is what sets Coclico shoes apart. When you buy Coclico shoes online, you’ll be buying a true staple.

Only Honest and True Practices

Coclico was founded by Sandra Canselier, a descendant from a long line of shoemakers that hailed from a province of France. Though she now lives in New York, her heritage still plays an important role in her business, as they are crafted in the French tradition.

When you buy Coclico shoes online, you can rest assured that you’re getting a top quality product that was made with the safety of the environment in mind. Each pair is produced in a small factory in Mallorca, Spain, constructed from recycled and renewable products—such as natural wood—and crafted by hand. This family-owned and operated facility provides living wages, is renowned for their environmental reliability, and for following the best practices.

Buy Coclico Shoes Online at ShopScarpe

While our inventory is always changing, Coclico is a brand that we firmly stand behind. Whether you’re in the market for sandals, heels, flats, or boots, we have them all. For any questions about the current Coclico pieces we have in stock, feel free to call ShopScarpe at 1-970-728-1513 today!