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Scarpe provides a special dose of retail therapy through personal attention ensuring customers are building a collection of wearable, timeless pieces. Fashion makes us happy and has the ability to positively transform our lives. Better fitting jeans, a work shoe that makes you smile, or an occasion dress that you feel comfortable and beautiful in represents more than the mere love of fashion. The contemporary wardrobe is a reflection of how you feel about yourself and how you relate to your world, a pro-active psychology we support.

Scarpe started as a shoe store in Telluride, CO, in may of '95.  The store had evolved over the last 19 years with it's biggest focus on unique, hard to find pieces that clients from all over the world cherish.  The buying team searches hard to find items that are not everywhere and if the rep of a certain designer tell's Jenny that everyone is buying it, chances are she won't.  Over the years Scarpe started adding a little clothes to the mix of great jewlery, handbangs and other accessories and now has shifted to carrying a little bit of everything.  In the last five years the store expanded into kid's and most recently men's.