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Sometimes life gets a little messy, but 3 Sprouts’ collection of adorable kids’ fabric storage bins available at ShopScarpe helps clean it up! These storage bins serve as stylish pieces of decor and are great for all of the animal lovers in your family. Of course, they also serve a functional purpose and are ideal for keeping the nursery, kids’ rooms, and play areas tidy.

Choose from a variety of designs including a peacock, dog, rhino, gorilla, and more! These bins are the perfect addition to any room and kids will love keeping their favorite toys, books, and other materials in their favorite storage space. Get the most out of your bins by displaying them on hanging shelves, that way your kids’ fabric storage bins keep unused items out of the way while pulling double duty as eye-catching wall decor.

If you have cube or cubbyhole shelving units, the square storage bins are the perfect size to incorporate with your existing decor. Don’t worry if you don’t have shelves. These storage units are durable and cute enough to stand on their own. Create your own fun, tidy zoo with storage bins and hampers from ShopScarpe.

These fun storage bins also make great gifts and are perfect for birthdays and baby showers. You can even use the storage bins and hampers as a gift bag and fill them with a variety of goodies. You really can’t go wrong with these kids fabric storage bins.