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There may not be a more feminine piece of clothing than a dress. ShopScarpe’s collection of high end dresses in Telluride include a wide variety of styles. From tasteful, work appropriate dresses, to fun and flowy weekend dresses, ShopScarpe has them all. Read on to learn more about the categories you will find when shopping on our website!


Sometimes the only preference we have when shopping for dresses is color. Whether you are searching for a bridesmaid’s dress or just need to add a certain color to your collection, ShopScarpe makes it easy to find the hues you need. Unlike other online retailers, we broaden our color categories into black dresses and bright. This way, you may discover something you didn’t expect to find!

Our black dresses vary greatly in terms of style. Here you will find just about anything from an empire waisted bohemian dress to a body hugging evening dress. Every woman needs that classic little black dress in their closet, and ShopScarpe has the best little black high end dresses in Telluride.

In addition to our black dress category, you can also browse our collection of bright dresses. Here you will find our most fun and colorful dresses. From bright floral patterns to unique  inspired prints, our bright dresses will help you stand out among the rest!


ShopScarpe has a beautiful, high quality dress for just about any occasion imaginable! We have three main categories that will help you find the perfect dress that you have been looking for: casual, day to night, and night out.

Our casual dresses are ideal for everyday looks. Whether you’re heading out shopping, meeting friends for lunch, or even need something cute to wear to work, you will find it on our casual dresses page. Our casual high end dresses in Telluride include fun and flowy, light and airy, and short and beachy.

For all you ladies on the go, you need your fashion to be multi-use. Explore our day to night dresses for pieces that can help you seamlessly transition from work or daytime errands to happy hour or a date night. And for showstopping, flirty looks, be sure to check out our night out dresses!


Skirt length is just as important as any other factor when dress shopping. If you are looking for a specific length, you can browse our three length categories: mini, mid length, and maxi.

Our mini dresses come in a variety of fun styles that are appropriate for casual and dressy occasions alike. The mid length collection includes dresses that are perfect for work or play. And oh, how we love those comfortable Maxi dresses! Long and flowy, they can be perfect for casual summertime looks or more formal affairs.