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When we choose our clothes, we choose to express something about ourselves. As our kids grow older, we teach them to do the same. With Ever After baby clothes and kids clothes, you can teach your kids about expressing themselves in a way that extends beyond fashion into caring for the world.

Clothing for a Cause

When you and your kids purchase Ever After clothing, twenty-five percent of all the brand’s profits go to charity partners, who help at risk children around the world. Even better, the family run brand wants to get you involved in the action. Many Ever After baby clothes and kids clothes items come with a card that says “Change the Story.” The codes on these cards allow you to select how Ever After uses the donation that came from that item, which can create a wonderful teaching moment with your children. Best of all, you don’t have to go to an Ever After baby boutique to participate in this wonderful initiative. You can order right from the comfort of your home with ShopScarpe.

Comfort and Style

At the same time you’ll be helping others, you’ll be getting great clothes for your kids. Ever After baby clothes and kids’ clothes are made from soft, beautiful fabrics like Pima cotton that stay comfortable all day. The brand focuses on essential wardrobe staples, like the tees and tanks you wear every day.

Shop our full selection of Ever After clothes to take care of your children while helping those in need.