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Geared for Imagination

In today’s busy world, it’s a rare treat to be able to spend quality time with family away from the constant buzz of our electronics and demands of responsibility. When we do get such treasured moments, it’s important to have something on hand that the whole family can enjoy, like Geared for Imagination toys, games, and puzzles.

Toys for Kids and “Kidults”

Geared for Imagination is an Ohio-based creator of toys that strives to design products that will be enjoyed by kids and “kidults” alike. The designers focus on creating products that they would want their own kids to play with, and that they know their kids would love to play with, too. This leads to innovative products that are perfect fun for the whole family. Just picture gathering together on a Friday night with one of your Geared for Imagination puzzles!

Spark Your Child’s Creativity

As the name suggests, Geared for Imagination toys are oriented towards encouraging children to engage with their own interior creativity, whether by transporting themselves back to the time of dinosaurs or using unique building blocks to construct whatever their imagination leads them to. This represents a welcome break from the screens that often rule our kids lives, helping them to play in constructive ways.

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