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When it’s raining outside, we love to pull on a pair of rain boots to protect ourselves from the elements. And when it comes to rain boots, there’s no more classic, enduring option than men’s and women’s Hunter boots. This British Heritage label has evolved quite a bit since its early days as the North British Rubber Company, becoming iconic in the process.

Boots that Made History

The North British Rubber Company started making sturdy rubber boots for soldiers during World War I and World War II. In 1956, they began manufacturing their signature Original Green Wellington, an all-weather, all-terrain classic that is still beloved today. Hunter has received two Royal Warrants for providing boots to English royalty, and women’s Hunter boots have been seen on the feet of numerous celebrities, from Princess Diana to Kate Moss.

A Modern Evolution

In recent years, the Hunter brand has expanded beyond the classic wellington style, introducing other styles of footwear, as well as outerwear and clothing. Though the classic women’s and men’s Hunter boots remain a top product, the brand’s expanding line adds exciting new options, such as shearling cuff boots, that stand to make Hunter as iconic at the ski lodge as it is in the rain.

At ShopScarpe, we believe in style that stands the test of time. With its long legacy of quality, Hunter is one of our favorite brands. Shop our full selection of Hunter boots today and be prepared for whatever tomorrow’s weather brings.