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Juratoys US Corporation

We all want to provide our children with the best. This includes giving them the means to enjoy learning and being able to entertain themselves along the way. That’s why we at ShopScarpe are always on the lookout for high quality toys and games that bring the family together and provide more than just entertainment.

Quality European Design from Juratoys

Employing top European designers, Juratoys is renowned for its excellent products like wooden Janod puzzles and plush Kaloo toys. The toy company focuses merging modern style with classic fun. Its toys are built with an ethos of playful intelligence, intended to help kids explore their talents through the bonds they share with their playthings. Juratoys encourages children to use every moment of play as an opportunity to grow.

Enjoy Family Time Together

Janod puzzles, like the 39-piece multi-sport floor puzzle, are a perfect activity for bringing the whole family together. As you put together the giant board pieces to construct a brilliant picture, you’ll create priceless memories of family time. Plus, you’ll all bond while working on your child’s problem solving and organizational skills, showing that family fun time can also be educational.

At ShopScarpe, we value elegance and style in all aspects of our life, from the time we spend together to our fashion choices. Visit our boutique selection to see high quality products that provide a touch of inspiration for the whole family.