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Over here at Scarpe, we’ve become known for our unique collection of women’s shoes and clothing. However, we‘ve made sure to provide something for everyone who walks through our doors, including the kids. In our kids’ section, you’ll find the best clothing, tote bags, bath products, and wooden baby toys in Telluride CO and beyond. Also, if you’re not up for the trip to our physical location, you can get all of these products online via ShopScarpe.com, our online shopping destination.


When it comes to picking up wooden baby toys in Telluride CO for your little one, our options are immense. From instruments and building block sets, to vehicles and dollhouses, we have wooden toy options that are perfect for both boys and girls.

If you’re looking for an educational toy, you can opt for our activity clocks, magnetic letter boards, and puzzles, and if your child is a bit older, we also have do-it-yourself kits where girls can design their own butterfly wings and boys can design their own wooden sword. At ShopScarpe, we have toy options for a variety of different age groups and interests, that way your little one is sure to love their new toy, whether it’s a rag doll, pirate skeleton excavation kit, or the best wooden baby toys in Telluride CO.

Books & Story Starters

Reading is fundamental to a child’s development, and the more often you and your child read together, the more it will benefit them in the future. Not only will you be able to bond at a deeper level, but you’ll be able to help your child develop better communication, but enhance their concentration and self-discipline. In the future, all of these skills will prove to help them in school, and in their personal lives—not to mention that reading can be really fun!

At ShopScarpe we have a collection of books and story starters for a variety of age groups, including baby books and books appropriate for toddlers.

Clothes & Slippers

At ShopScarpe, we have a large collection of kids’ clothing for you to choose from, whether you’re looking for something comfortable or unique and stylish—also, depending on the time of year, we even carry seasonal outerwear. Whether your newborn sticks to diaper covers and tees or they’re fit to pull off timeless style with a tiny jean jacket, you’ll be sure that you’re only getting clothing of the highest quality. Our collection includes blue jeans, colorful tutus, onesies, rompers, sweaters, sweatpants, and so much more. If it’s cold outside, you can also likely find knit booties and winter gift sets, as well!

Products for the Parents

Aside from our collection of kids’ clothing and wooden baby toys in Telluride CO, some of the products we carry in our kids’ section are clearly for the parents. We’ll help you in every way we can to provide you with some of the supplies you’ll need for the job. From pregnancy handbooks, formula and snack dispensers, and toddler utensils, to an assortment of bath products and diaper bags, we have it all taken care of.

Visit ShopScarpe Today!

The next time you’re looking to pick up a gift for your child, visit ShopScarpe. Not only do we have the best assortment of clothing and wooden baby toys in Telluride CO, but we have plenty of tote bags, decor, shoes, and more. If you have any questions about our products, call us today at 1-970-728-1513!