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The dictionary defines lingerie as women’s undergarments and clothing that is worn in bed. While this may be fact at the surface, this apparel category can include so much more than what it seems at face value. The word sometimes feels risque on the tongue, but these pieces are just as important in our lives as are our favorite jeans or heels.

You may be able to find basic lingerie just about anywhere. However, it is significantly important that these items are of the highest quality because they are worn to make you feel confident and beautiful. These items are not referred to as intimates without reason. Not only will you likely wear them for special occasions but they are also intimate with your body and skin. Something that is so close to you each and every day must be made of the finest materials that will last.

ShopScarpe’s collection of luxury lingerie in Telluride and online features delicate items in various categories. Learn more about the kinds of lingerie we carry and what you can expect to find on our Lingerie page:


Bras, panties, and other undergarments are perhaps the first things we think of when we hear the word lingerie. Our high end lingerie in Telluride includes the loveliest undergarments that are just as practical as they are pretty. We have bras and panties available in a variety of colors made of high quality fabrics that you will surely want to add to your own lingerie collection.


It seems like everyone has their own specific type of sleepwear they prefer. Whether you like complete pajama sets or opt for a simple chemise, there is sure to be something just for you in our collection of sleepwear. As is with all of our luxury lingerie in Telluride, you can feel confident that the sleepwear you purchase at ShopScarpe will be a long lasting, timeless addition to your wardrobe.


Sometimes you just need a something with a little je ne sais quoi to wear in the bedroom. Whether it is for a special occasion, such as Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, or you just want to spice things up, ShopScarpe has beautiful intimate items you will love. Our collection of high end lingerie in Telluride includes sexy teddies, chemises, and more.

Other Items

ShopScarpe’s luxury lingerie in Telluride and online includes all the intimate essentials. We also offer a few additional items that may not fit in with some of our other more traditional lingerie categories. Sometimes, a few of our cute tanks or camis may show up on the lingerie page. We also carry practical slips to wear under certain clothing items, silky or cozy robes, or even helpful little products like bra inserts.

Intimate clothing items should be special. Find the finest and most elegant luxury lingerie in Telluride at ShopScarpe.com!