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Little Sapling Toys

There are tons of high-tech, cutting edge family amusements out there, but there’s still plenty of room for the classics. We always try to make sure that our kids experience the kinds of play that were around long before our lives were inundated with LEDs and phone chargers. Little Sapling Toys are the kind of playthings that have stood the test of time for a reason, becoming a key part of millions of children’s lives across multiple generations.

Family-Created Fun

Little Sapling Toys is a family business that specializes in crafting modern wooden toys that support a child’s development. Beginning with the Little Sapling rattle, these quality organic wood toys grow up with your child through different stages of life. The Little Sapling family is just as committed to the environment and sustainability as they are to classic fun. In fact, the company plants a tree for each toy sold in order to help the earth stay rich with natural resources.

Baby’s First Toy

For infants, rattles are simple yet fascinating toys that encourage sensory exploration. As your baby gets to know the world around him or her, a rattle creates textures and sounds that help develop the senses, with a shape that is easy for tiny hands to grasp. Made from organic materials that are safe for chewing, a Little Sapling rattle is the perfect first toy for your precious little one.

At ShopScarpe, we bring style and elegance to every aspect of our lives, including our parenting. Shop today for whole family fun that brings a touch of sophistication into your world.