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Magic Forest, Ltd

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Enter the Charming World of Magic Forest

These days, it’s not uncommon to see even the smallest of children with their faces locked on a tablet or smartphone screen. While technology certainly has its place in a child’s world, there is something beautiful about toys that get back to basics. The line of Magic Forest toys here at ShopScarpe features good old-fashioned products in the sweetest of designs. These toys will inspire laughs, provide comfort, and encourage kids to use their imaginations.

Our collection of Magic Forest toys includes:

  • Soft, plushy animals

  • Adorable rag rolls

  • Fun hand puppets

  • Activity kits

  • Plushy backpacks

  • Rocking horses

Soft, Plush Toys: Perfect for Providing Comfort

Life can be hard for little ones, and after a scrape or bruise, a dentist appointment, or an argument with a sibling, it can be very helpful to have a special friend to cuddle up with. The plushy animals in the Magic Forest toys collection, such as Zazous Elephant Doll, make a great gift for anyone who needs a little comfort. Perfect for baby showers, birthdays, holidays or get-well gifts, these toys are sure to be cherished.  

ShopScarpe for Quality Gifts You’ll Love

Whether you want to surprise your own kids or find the perfect gift for another special young person in your world, this collection has items that make you feel nostalgic for your own youth. With Magic Forest, we get back to basics and remember the sweet parts of childhood that matter most. You’ll love the comfort, imagination, and quality of these toys.

If you have any questions while shopping, please send us a message and let us know! We are always ready to address your needs.