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Mid Rise

Mid rise jeans are simply classic. They don’t give into trends, they are comfortable and always look great. Like any good pair of jeans, they are must haves for a timeless casual outfit. ShopScarpe has one of the best collections of mid rise jeans in Telluride, CO . This is a classic style that women of every age, shape, and size looks great in. Our mid rise styles vary themselves. Read on to learn more about our mid rise denim:


If you’re not big on designer clothing, you should be when it comes to your jeans. Our collection of high end, designer mid rise jeans in Telluride, CO are long lasting, durable, and timeless. Quality means everything when you’re shopping for denim. Shop top brands such as J Brand, Frame Denim, Acquaverde, James Jeans, and more!

Colors & Prints

Blue jeans are surely a classic, but denim can also come in almost any color or print you can think of. Show your unique style with your jeans, by adding our variety of color options to your collection! Choose from dark and light washes, fun colors, graphic prints, and more.


Everyone has a favorite style of jeans. ShopScarpe’s collection of mid rise jeans in Telluride, CO include some of the most popular cuts. This includes bootcut, skinny, ankle length, straight leg, cuffed, flare, and more! The list of jean styles is virtually endless and ShopScarpe has a wide range of options to choose from.

Every pair of jeans has its own unique personality, just like the woman wearing them. When you think of a classic pair of mid rise jeans, “interesting” may not necessarily be the first word to come to mind. Once you take a look at ShopScarpe’s mid rise denim collection, you may change your thoughts! Our styles include everything from uniquely tattered and distressed to fitted brown leather, stretchy legging jeans, and much, much more!

Fashion Looks

One of the best things about mid rise jeans is that they look great with any look. You can keep it casual by wearing them with fitted t-shirts or relaxed sweaters. Or, you can amp up the fashion and easily wear our quality mid rise jeans with pretty blouses or structured blazers. Because mid rise jeans are so flattering and comfortable, they are perfect for almost any occasion.

We Love Denim!

Jeans are everyone’s most reliable pants. They are essential for an everyday classic, casual look. A great pair of jeans can take you just about anywhere. Including several different styles is important when diversifying your look and creating fabulous, timeless outfits for every occasion.