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Moulin Roty

We love toys that encourage our kids to unplug for the afternoon and exercise their imaginations. This classic style of play is key to a child’s healthy development. That’s why we’re so happy our kids have fallen in love with the whimsical charm of Moulin Roty, a French toy brand with a rich history of creativity.

Cooperative Children’s Entertainment

The Moulin Roty brand began as the project of a group of families who established a commune in a renovated mill out of a desire to live and work together. Soon they were designing soft, textile-based toys like the Moulin Roty doll, and in the span of a few years the Moulin Roty Workshop’s creations hit the toy and nursery markets. Drawing on its origins, the brand is still built on an ethos of solidarity, sharing, and respect.

Inspired by the Past, Updated for the Present

Many of Moulin Roty’s products are created by updating toy concepts from the past to bring classic fun to today’s children. This creates a new way for parents and grandparents to bond with kids over shared memories. Plus, Moulin Roty toys are a source of comfort for all—a soft and friendly Moulin Roty backpack, for instance, will help your child feel protected while traveling or starting school.

From the cuddly functionality of a Moulin Roty backpack to the imaginative play inspired by a Moulin Roty tea set, you’ll love what these toys can bring to your home. Visit ShopScarpe today and bring timeless, elegant fun to your kids!