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Ore Originals

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Introducing Ore Originals at ShopScarpe

Ore Originals creatively combines patterns, color, and the best materials to form modern products with timeless sophistication. Lisa Lowe founded Ore Originals out of a small garage in Southern California, and that Californian aesthetic of cute and playful remains in Ore Originals products today. Ore Originals bring a happy, whimsical twist to everyday products.

The Perfect Way to Pack Lunch

ShopScarpe offers a number of Ore Originals items, including the Ore Originals lunch tote. These lunch totes for kids come in a number of fun styles. The Zippee Hoot lunch tote features a curious owl on pink and orange canvas. The Zippee Hedgehog lunch tote includes a bold pattern of hedgehogs, mushrooms, and flowers on a red and grey canvas. Other totes include the Zippee Los Muertos lunch tote and the Zippee Ruler lunch tote.

Adorable, Practical Fun

Not only are these totes cute and fun, but they are immensely practical. The Ore Originals lunch totes are made from a durable waterproof cotton-canvas exterior with an insulated interior compartment to keep your food and drinks cold. The totes are stain and spill resistant with a wipe-clean insulated lining. They also house multiple pockets and compartments to store different snacks.

Browse ShopScarpe’s Curated Selection

ShopScarpe carries more than just the Ore Originals lunch tote—they also offer Ore Originals containers, plates, and utensils to go with it. The Good Lunch Ocean snack containers with sharks, whales, and crabs are the perfect companion to the Zippee Ocean lunch tote. Explore this quality line and more at ShopScarpe.