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Plan Toys

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Plan Toys: Charming, Original, and Safe

Plan Toys sell a wide variety of classic, wooden toys for kids of all ages. Airplanes, trucks, cooking utensils, drums, and more—these are just some examples of the Plan Wooden Toys at ShopScarpe. Their Build-A-Robot is a sweet little creature with moving legs and arms and four different heads that can be changed to reflect different emotions. They even sell a wooden Ride On Pony, Electro Bus, and Blue Van Walker for your little one to scoot around on and store other toys.

Toys Made with a Conscience

Not only are these toys fun, but they are safe and made from sustainable practices. All of Plan Toys’ wooden products are produced using water-based dyes, chemical-free kiln-drying processes, and non-formaldehyde glues. Plan Toys sustainably manufactures its products and reinvests its money and energy back into the community through reforestation programs, mom-made toy projects, and community clubs.

ShopScarpe: Curating Quality Products

So many games for kids these days are rigid, electronic, and unimaginative. Plan Wooden Toys allow your child’s imagination to shine. These classically-styled toys let kids to express themselves in ways other activities can’t. Instead of watching a television show on pirates or tree houses, your child can play with their own and come up with new stories that are infinitely more fun. These toys are interactive and full of developmental fun for your child to learn and grow on. Explore what ShopScarpe has to offer in this great range of toys.