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Recover wood cases offer a sleek, sophisticated take on tech accessories. Less is more with a brand that boasts innovation while believing in sustainability and functionality. For elegant design with a conscience, Recover iPhone 6 cases marry beauty and functionality.

Each case is crafted from recovered premium domestic and exotic hardwood, ensuring that your tech accessory is unlike anybody else’s. With gorgeous grain patterns, Recover wood cases each have their own unique designs. Recover integrates natural and sustainable materials with minimalism, merging the classic with the contemporary.

Durability is just as essential as design. Every Recover case is made from strong, ultra durable, satin-coated recycled polycarbonate and wood to protect your iPhone against any sort of damage. The real wood backplate is coated with a long-lasting clear matte finish to ensure a naturally beautiful luster that will age exquisitely over time.

Recover iPhone 6 cases have ports that are all easily accessible with Apple chargers and headphones. Its ultra-slim, snap-fit design makes it easy to use and its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry.

Founded by a group of fashion and design industry veterans in Portland, Oregon, Recover is redefining the ordinary with its sophisticated and sparse aesthetic and focus on sustainability.