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Three seasons out of the year, sweaters are a woman’s best friend. On one hand, they are the perfect go-to for comfortable, warm clothing in the cooler months, and they can eliminate the need for layering. On the other hand, they’re not just around for warmth—they’re really cute! It’s been proven time and again that sweaters are a very fashionable staple that can be paired with many different outfits. Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, shorts, leggings, pencil skirts, miniskirts—you name it, it’ll look great when paired with a cozy sweater.

The next time you’re updating your wardrobe at ShopScarpe, remember to browse through our selection of designer sweaters in Telluride, CO.

ShopScarpe: Hand-Picking the Best of the Best

When you buy a bargain brand sweater, there’s always a fear that it will lose its shape over time, that the material will lose its softness, or that it will be itchy. However, when you invest in high quality sweaters, those worries are long gone.

When you buy from our selection of designer sweaters, you’ll know you’re getting premium quality. Each sweater in our collection is hand-picked for its timeless style, comfort, and longevity—and as long as you take care of your clothing properly and dry clean when required, your sweater will be just as beautiful years down the road as it was when you first bought it.

Find Your Perfect Style

Because we work hard to provide every customer with a piece of clothing that they can fall in love with, our assortment of women’s designer sweaters in Telluride is made up of quite a few distinct staples for you to choose from, including:

  • Turtleneck, v-neck, and crewnecks sweaters
  • Button-up cardigans
  • Oversized cardigans and cropped sweaters
  • Cotton, wool, alpaca, and cashmere

Something New Every Time You Stop By

Since our opening our brick-and-mortar boutique has been seeing traffic from fashion lovers all over the world, and by branching out online, our collection of denim, designer shoes, and cozy knit sweaters has proven to be very popular. If you find a turtleneck sweater that you would love to buy  do it before it’s too late!  Although, if you find something you love and we don’t have your size, feel free to contact us to see if we can place a special order for you.  We love to help whenever we can!

Since we are constantly adding new pieces to our collection, chances are that if you don’t fall in love with one of our sweaters today, you’ll have better luck next time. Our selection of designer sweaters in Telluride CO grows with every passing day, and there will always be something new to see when you visit ShopScarpe.

Shop with Ease

With so many great designer sweaters to choose from, we know that it can be hard to decide on the perfect one for your wardrobe. Whether you’re simply comparing and contrasting two tops, or you’re working on putting an entire outfit together, our style experts are ready and willing to answer any query you may have, no matter how large or small. To contact your very own Personal Shopping concierge from Scarpe, send us an email or call us today at 1-970-728-1513.