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Vilac wooden toys are that rare and perfect combination of refined craftsmanship, educational design, and traditionalism that have made Vilac the premier French toymaker for over 100 years.

Designed and built in Jura, France, Vilac has been creating classic, old-world wooden toys with modern designs and bright, whimsical colors since 1911. Using traditional methods inherited from generation to generation and inspired by the area’s heritage of woodworking, Vilac wooden toys are unique little treasures that may be based in tradition but never go out of fashion.

Not only are these toys well-designed, they are durable, standing up to years of wear and tear. Even with heavy use, Vilac wooden toys will not chip or crack. As a recipient of the EVP label, which is awarded to French firms for excellence, this classic brand has long-lasting appeal that the entire family will love.

Nourish your child’s imagination and encourage educational and creative play with these high quality wooden toys. Research shows that wooden toys help promote interaction, problem-solving skills, fine motor skills, and even hand-eye coordination. Plus, while you foster your child’s mind, you’re also going green by avoiding environmentally-damaging plastic.

Vilac wooden toys make beautiful and thoughtful gifts for children of any age. Keep play simple and pure with Vilac.