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ShopScarpe.com has one of the most unique inventories of any high end clothing store in Telluride, Colorado. We sometimes have so many items, it can be difficult to browse through everything every time you visit the site. However, there is one feature on the ShopScarpe website that can help you easily get to the items you want to see. Whether you visit our site often, occasionally, or even if this is your first time and you plan to check us out again, the Just In page is where you’ll want to click first.

Sorted to Your Liking

Upon first glance, the Just In page may seem overflowing with wonderful items. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry! There is a useful little tool that can help. Along the top of the page you will find a drop down box indicated as “Sort by.” Here you can organize the Just In page to your preference. Looking for the latest and greatest? Choose “Newest Items” to see the most recent additions first on the list. “Featured Items” will sort the page by items we want to showcase. Rank by “Bestselling” to see what other ShopScarpe shoppers have added to their wardrobes. Other options include sorting items alphabetically or by price. Hopefully this tool will help you find just what you are looking for!

On our Just In page, you will find all the latest additions to the ShopScarpe collection. If you’re looking for new clothing pieces, the latest accessories, or our most recent designers, you will find it all here. Learn more about how we made the Just In page easy to use, more about the kinds of items you will find there, and a bit about how a high end clothing store in Telluride, Colorado transformed into a fully functional online fashion source.

About ShopScarpe

As a premiere high end clothing store in Telluride, Colorado and online fashion destination, Scarpe and ShopScarpe prides itself in selling only the highest quality clothes, shoes, accessories and more. Included on our Just In Page you will be able to browse the latest in our vast collection including blouses, designer jeans, patterned scarves, sophisticated tote bags, summer ready sandals, and much, much more.

If you’re looking for the latest high quality fashions, make your first stop to ShopScarpe’s Just In page!