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Our signature services include out of the box, personalized closet shopping and private in-store shopping. Call us today or write us a note and see how we can help.

Services: Services

Out of the Box

Personalized box sent your front door

Since 2002, we’ve provided customers with convenient personalized boxes picked out by your favorite team member. If you're new to the store or a seasoned shopper at the boutique, let our team members create a box of outfits just for you. Call us today or visit our shop and find out about out of the box.


Personalized Closet Shopping

We Make It Easy

Scarpe is committed to your happiness, which is why our staff works hard to meet your fashion or shopping related needs. With our personalized closet shopping services, one of our team members will come over to your house, for two hours, to help you update your closet.  Call today to book an appointment.


Private in Store Shopping

Take Control of Your Shopping

At Scarpe, shopping is always a pleasure. Make it unforgettable with private attention by all our team members. We’re here to make your shopping experience unforgettable.

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